Littlbug wood burning camp stoves | Alcohol burning camp stoves | Littlbug Enterprises | Bemidji, Minnesota Small and lightweight wood or alcohol burning camp stoves. Camp stoves for canoeing, kayaking, boating, backpacking, bicycling and more. Camp stoves that burn wood or alcohol - not gas, propane or butane.
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Littlbug Stoves

Littlbugs are recommended in the Falcon Guide® Basic Essentials Series® on Camping and in the Twentieth-Anniversary Edition of Expedition Canoeing by Cliff Jacobson.

Cliff Jacobson is one of North America's most respected outdoors writers and wilderness canoe guides. He is a professional outfitter for the Science Museum of Minnesota, a canoeing consultant, and the author of more than a dozen top-selling books on camping and canoeing. He is a recepient of the American Canoe Association's Legends of Paddling Award and member of the ACA Hall of Fame.

Endorsed by Joanie and Gary McGuffin.

We love the Littlbug for lots of reasons. It is, first and foremost, a simple, durable, compact little stove that doesn’t burn fossil fuels. It lights quickly, and burns very little wood (or denatured alcohol) very efficiently. When the stove is combined with the optional fire pan, this stove leaves no-trace. A donation from the sale of every stove goes to the Lake Superior Conservancy and Watershed Council helping to protect the largest freshwater lake in the world and the watershed that surrounds it. Truly a stove with a conscience.

Gary and Joanie McGuffin have long been wilderness ambassadors for Canada. As renowned Canadian explorers, photojournalists and conservationists, they have captured the imagination of people worldwide with their long distance wilderness voyages. They are the authors of the award winning photographic book Wilderness Ontario and the instructional classic Paddle Your Own Canoe. They were declared official champions of the Great Lakes Heritage Coast by the Ontario government and are recipients of the Ontario Premier’s Award and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for lifetime achievement in exploration, wilderness preservation and environmental education.

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Camp stoves lighter and simpler than wood burning Sierra Zip Stove, Trailstove or Trekstove.

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